Penerapan Life Cycle Cost Pada Perawatan Komponen Struktur Bangunan Gedung Akibat Karbonasi Beton (Studi Kasus : Lantai Dak Gedung Direktorat Politeknik Negeri Pontianak)

  • Mochamad Hilmy
  • Herry Prabowo
Keywords: Life Cycle Cost, Concrete Carbonation, Building Maintenance, Structural Component


Structural safety is mandatory for a building. It is frequent that this aspect is threatened by the emergence of problems related to structural durability. A review of the performance of structures that meet certain requirements throughout the target service life requires a study of cost optimization. The costs reviewed in practice generally are only investment costs of the construction process without calculating operational and maintenance costs. This research focuses on calculating the life cycle cost for the reinforced concrete slabs due to carbonation. Carbonation estimation is done by measuring hygro-thermal parameters with a digital instrument. Maintenance costs are calculated using a capitalized cost method. The calculation results show that the addition concrete cover thickness is an effective and economical way to prevent the deterioration of concrete slabs due to carbonation.