Perkuatan Pelat Lantai Beton Bertulang Menggunakan Baja Ringan Dan Sikadur Cf-31

  • Indriyani Puluhulawa
  • Alamsyah Alamsyah
Keywords: cold formed steel, Sikadur CF-31, strengthened plates


Nowaday, it is often found that several building structures have not reached the planned age due to structural damage such as spalling on the structural element. The method that can be used to solve this problem is known as strengthening. In this study an alternative strengthened was carried out by adding a cold formed steel glued with Epoxy Sikadur CF-31 which functions as a shear against. The sample used was three samples of reinforced concrete slabs with a size of 120x450x1450 mm. One plate as a control plate (PK) and the other two as strengthened plates with epoxy (PPE-1 and PPE-2). The test results are then compared with theoretical analysis based on SNI 03-2847-2002. The static load given was a one point load in the middle of the span. The results of flexural testing show increased flexural capacity and increased stiffness in PPE-1 and PPE-2 compared to PK. The flexural capacity achieved was lower than planned due to failure on the Sikadur CF-31 adhesive. However, the addition of cold formed steel with Sikadur adhesive gives a positive value to the strengthened