Analisa Pengaruh Heat Treatment Terhadap Kekasaran Permukaan Benda Kerja Baja Karbon Rendah Pada Proses Pembubutan

  • Kabul Santoso
  • Suhardiman Suhardiman Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: low carbon steel, heating treatment process, cooling process, turning, roughness test


The rapid development of science and technology is very influential for the industry in the country, one of which is the industry that produces or produces elements of machines that are mostly metal as raw materials. Each metal has different characteristics, such as phisycs properties, mechanical properties and chemical properties, it is required a special treatment for each metal element to be used as desired, as an effort to Look for the metallic properties that are needed to include heat treatment. This research aims to obtain a value of surface roughness of low carbon steel workpieces before and after the heat treatment process in the machining process. Heating process with temperature 9500 C, further done cooling process with different cooling media such as: rainwater, oil SAE 40, Coolant and Air Radiator. The process of fertilizing. The results of specimen testing before heat treatment was obtained the roughness value of 2.236 μm, hereinafter to the process of heat treatment with the media of rain cooling obtained the roughness value of 1.578 μm, for SAE 40 oil cooling Media value Its roughness was 1.519 μm, the cooling medium of coolant radiator its roughness value of 1.845 μm, and for its air cooling media its gross value of 1.895 μm.