Analisa Getaran Footers (Pijakan) Pada Sepeda Motor Non-Matic Dengan Variasi Kecepatan

  • Jumi Sari
  • Erwen Martianis Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: footrest, mechanical vibration, vibration meter, motorcycle


Vibration that occurs in a device or instrument that we use often cause discomfort. Not only that, excessive vibration on the device sooner or later will cause damage to the system components. Therefore, it is important to detect vibration and subsequent attempt is made to minimize vibrations that occur so that comfort can be achieved and the damage can be minimized or even eliminated. In addition, it also knows whether the motor has excessive vibration so that it can have an effect on health effects on the organ parts of the foot. Testing of footrest (footing) which in this study with variations in speed and using test equipment Accelerometer. The results of the research on right footrest vibrations on non-automatic motorcycles, the maximum results on the x, y and z axes were 0.043 m / s2, -1,131 m / s2, and 10.31 m / s2 is still below the limit safe TLV 0.5 m / s2. And the results of left footrest vibrations on this non-automatic motorcycle get maximum results on the x, y and z axes are 1.552 m / s2, -2.015 m / s2, and 10.091 m / s2 has passed the safe limit of NAB 0.5 m / s2. So the influence of right footrest vibrations on the motorcycle can be dangerous for the health of the rider's feet can cause such discomfort, and decreased work activities