Pengaruh Beberapa Parameter Pemotongan Terhadap Terbentuknya Delaminasi Pada Proses Gurdi Material Komposit Serat Nanas

  • Khairul imam
  • Bambang Dwi Haripriadi Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: delamination, taguchi method, anova, delamination


Delamination is a type of keritis damage model that occurs in laminate composites Delaminationoccurs due to several factors such as intermilar spacing in the corners and laminate damage. This study aims to explore the effect of increasing the strength of pineapple fiber in different shapes. Retrieval of data used is the orthogional matrix L27 (35). With thermo plastic material coated in pineapple fiber composites in different shapes. Workpiece specimens are 100 mm long and 60 mm wide. 1600x. Used to see the size and thickness of the delamination formed. And data from these results will be analyzed using the taguchi method used NSR (signal to noise ratio) and ANOVA used as selecting factors that have a role to minimize the formation of delamination in pineapple fiber composites. From the inlet and exit holes the smallest delamination response is at Rpm 3000 rpm, feed motion 30 mm/min, coolent cooling media, perpendicular fiber arrangement and tool diameter 2 mm. And that the parameters of rpm, fiber arrangement and tool diameter show the most significant factors in influencing the formation of delamination