Perencanaan Penjadwalan Dan Biaya Perawatan Mesin Bubut Tipe KW 15-979 Berdasarkan Jam Operasi Praktikum di Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis

  • Samsul Mucarif
  • Firman Alhaffis Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: scheduling, preventive maintenance, maintenance cost, MTTF


The purpose of maintenance is to maintain the reliability of the machine, the machine continues to operate properly and reaches the lowest possible cost level. The maintenance cost scheduling and planning system is important for agencies to improve the efficient use of maintenance costs. Maintenance planning is made so that maintenance activities can be measured and controlled. Optimal maintenance patterns need to be sought so that maintenance and damage costs can be balanced. This study examines and discusses the cost and schedule of treatments based on the Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) method. Lathes that have been used for a while will experience wear on various components, causing geometric irregularities. Another cause of damage is the lack of a regular maintenance schedule so that damage occurs that will disrupt the learning process. Through the damage history data, it was found that one of the most frequently damaged components was the toolpost bolt. toolpost bolt is used as a tool clamp during the machining process. The MTTF method applied to produce a structured maintenance model to limit component expenditure, labor payments, and costs incurred for production. Find the toolpost bolt replacement period and the optimal cost in the application of KW 15-979 lathe maintenance. The results show that the application of preventive maintenance can save costs between 3.84% to 9% of the total previous costs.