Implementasi Data Mining dalam Pemilihan Bahasa Pemograman dalam Penyelesaian Tugas Akhir Mahasiswa

  • Fitri Pratiwi
  • Putri Yunita Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika & Komputer (STMIK) Dumai
Keywords: Tugas Akhir, Data mining, Rough Set


One of the things that can be used as a measure of one's success in taking education at Dumai STMIK is the final project. Final Project is a task that must be done by students to complete their undergraduate education. In completing the Final Project students must be able to make an application program related to the problem under study. But the problem is that there are students at STMIK Dumai choosing a programming language that is not right with the Final Assignment Scheme, resulting in the length of the process of making the final project. With the implementation of the selection of programming languages in the completion of students' Final Assignments by applying data mining using the rough set method, it is expected to provide an appropriate solution in completing the final assignments of students to be on time