Rancangan Aplikasi Tata Tertib Pelanggaran Siswa Menengah Atas (Studi Kasus : SMA YKPP Dumai)

  • Pulla Pandika Widodo
Keywords: School, Rules, Poin


School order is one form of rules determined by each school to be binding by having their respective points. In terms of enforcing the code of conduct in the school, it still uses a manual system such as using a control book held by each student, so that it is feared it will happen manipulation of data by students themselves and requires a long time when the teacher will evaluate student violation data and do not get information about violations ever committed by students. The design of the Code of Conduct for Abuse of High School Students overcomes data manipulation by students and makes it easier for teachers to evaluate violation data and find out easily what violations have been committed by students. This application will provide a centralized process and can be accessed anytime and anywhere simultaneously by its users. In this case the control book is no longer needed because the data of student violations can already be viewed online by the user based on the access rights granted.