Rancang Bangun dan Analisa Alat Perangkap Hama Wereng Pada Tanaman Padi Dengan Metode Hight Trap Menggunakan Microcontroller

  • abusofyan musthofa Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: Leafhoppers, pesticides, pest traps, LED strips


Rice farmers in their agricultural business experience many problems in the field, one of which is the planthopper attack which is attracted to light. With these properties the planthopper pest traps were created using LED strip lights. To make it easier to use, the planthopper pest trap is equipped with a 50 WP solar panel connected to the solar charger controller so that the charging of the 12 volt 35 AH battery can be adjusted automatically. The results of the tool testing carried out in the rice fields of Berancah Village, Bantan District, Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province. The results of testing the planthopper traps in rice fields showed that the tool had succeeded in catching the planthoppers using red LED strips with a total of 98 electrocution pests, 182 yellow LED strips, 115 green LED strips and 110 blue LED strips