Rancang Bangun Loker Otomatis Menggunakan Barcode Scanner Berbasis Arduino Uno

  • rhmn man Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: Keywords: locker, barcode,barcode scanner,proximitysensor, and solenoid door lock


Personal access security in lockers is generally applied in locker door locking using only a manual security system and it is easy to open it. To solve the problem in this Final Task, an automatic locker is created using an arduinouno-basedbarcode scanner. When depositing goods must use the barcode that has been provided. Then scan thebarcode using barcodescanner,it will appear the display of data on the laptop/pc and select the save button to store the goods. Then the relay will have logic 1 or high condition that makes solenoiddoorlock active and unlock locker. Once the locker key is open, place the items to store in the locker until they create a proximity sensor inside the locker worth 1 (active). Then the relay will have logic 0 or low conditions that make the solenoid door lock active and lock the locker.If you want to retrieve the item again you must use the same barcode and repeat the initial step. The results of testing this tool show that the system is working well and the success rate is at 70%.