Rancang Bangun Mesin Pembuat Air Kopi Dengan Sistem Robotik

  • muhammad fikri Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: Keywords: Coffee Water Machine, Robot System.


At this time cafes and coffee shops still use a manual system, this tool is made to make it easier for humans to make coffee water with an automatic system. The system will be active when the proximity sensor detects a glass. When the system is active, users can select the type of coffee they want by pressing the selection keypad. After the keypad button is pressed, the servo will move to open the coffee powder container, the water will flow automatically using  a solenoid valve, and the x-axis and z-axis motors will work automatically, then the x-axis motor moves towards the glass and stops when the proximity sensor detects, then the z motor moves down to the glass and stops when the limit switch is active, and continues with the mixer motor active with a specified delay. After the stirring is complete, motor z and motor x work to reverse the direction of rotation of the motor to get to the starting point. And the work system of this tool works well with 75% success.