Model Konstruksi Kapal Semi Container ClassNK Sebagai Alat Peraga Pengenalan Konstruksi Kapal

  • Jakaria jakaria Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: Ship construction, ClassNK, midship


To support an alumni of the Naval Architecture department who is an intermediate expert in the field of ship construction, of course, it must be supported by learning equipment in the form of tools or models that are able to assist teaching staff during lectures for students majoring in Naval Architecture. Therefore the writer tries to come up with an idea to make a model based on the results of construction calculations on the midship semi container ship using ClassNK obtained during lectures, while the calculated construction calculations are: ivory distance 0.7 m, keel plate with a width of 1 ,2 m and 15 mm thick, 15 mm thick web frame, and several other calculations. Furthermore, the midship construction model is made with a scale of 1:30 using PVC board and PVC profile materials, this model will later be used as a learning medium for ship construction in the Naval Architecture department.