The Effect of Internal Locus of Control and External Locus of Control Toward Employee Performance at PT Sarana Agro Nusantara Unit Dumai

  • Siti Romadhani Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
  • Adrian Irnanda Pratama Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: Internal LOC, External LOC, Employee Performance


This study was conducted on September 2019 to determine the effect of internal LOC and external LOC toward the performance of employees of PT SAN Unit Dumai. The number of samples used in this study amounted to 53 respondents. Data collection was carried out through a questionnaire. The method used to process and analyze data is descriptive statistics, classical assumption test, correlation test and multiple linear regression tests using the SPSS version 22.00 program. The results of this study indicate in the F test (simultaneous) that internal LOC and external LOC have a positive and significant effect on employee performance, the t-test results show that internal LOC has a positive and significant effect on employee performance and external LOC which has a negative and not significant effect on employee performance. while The magnitude of the effect value  is 13,1% while the remaining 86,9% is affected by other independent variables outside of internal LOC and external LOC