Perencanaan tebal perkerasan kaku menggunakan metode manual desain perkerasan jalan 2017 dan AASHTO 1993

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The road of Sadar Jaya Kecamatan Siak kecil Kabupaten Bengkalis is one of the damaged roads in the Bengkalis district. Where the road is a pivot road that connects between villages. This road is also traversed by vehicles such as motorbikes, cars and trucks carrying palm fruit harvested by local residents. Roads that are often traversed by vehicles with heavy loads also affect the roads getting more damaged and even have holes.

The design calculation for the thickness of rigid pavement used in the case study of road Sadar Jaya Kecamatan Siak Kecil, Kabupaten Bengkalis is a pavement thickness planning using the Road Pavement Design Manual 2017 and AASHTO 1993 methods. After the calculation of rigid pavement thickness is obtained from the Road Pavement Design Manual 2017 and AASHTO 1993., it will be known that the thickness of the rigid pavement for the 2017 Road Pavement Design Manual is 195 mm and AASHTO 1993 is 200 mm. And the results of the total budget plan for the 2017 Road Pavement Design Manual of Rp. 10.324.500.000 (rounded) and for AASHTO 1993 the total planned budget is Rp. 11.722.400.000 (rounded).


Keywords: Rigid Pavement, 2017 manual rigid pavement design, AASHTO 1993,Estimate Engginering.