Perencanaan Struktur Bawah Jembatan Sungai Pinang

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Ting pile foundation is one type of foundation that is commonly used, which foundation to distribute the load of hard soil layers that have a high carrying capacity which is deep enough in the ground. Each foundation must be able to support the load up to a predetermined safety limit, including supporting the maximum load that occurs. The problem is the location of the Buton village Mengkapan, Siak road section with a bridge span of 16 meters and width 7,6 meters and a dead load of the upper structure is obtained, namely 457,15 tons. Large tonnage cars carrying land and palm oil continuously cross the Buton road every day, with the condition of the old and narrow bridge, is it feared that it will make the under-bridge condition worse and more damaged

From the calculation, the single pile bearing capacity is 62,691 tons and the group pile bearing capacity is 892,804 tons. Then calculate the elastic drop of piles that occurs, as well as calculate the efficiency of the bearing capacity of the pile group based on the load on the pile group foundation so that it is safe to carry the load on it.


Keywords : carrying capacity, meyerhoff and vesic 1969 method