Uji Elektrik Air Laut dan Air Garam Menggunakan Kombinasi Variasi Jenis dan Luas Lempeng Elektroda dari Bahan Bekas

  • Suhendra Suhendra
Keywords: seawater, electric, electrodes, saltwater


This study aimed to determine the voltage generated from various anode and cathode installations using electrodes from used materials. Electrolyte media used are saltwater and seawater. The test is divided based on several measurements; the influence of the electrode plate area, the effect of electrode type, the effect of salinity, and the arrangement of the electrode circuit. The results showed that the electrode plate area had no effect on the voltage results and the type of electrode affected the voltage results. Copper and zinc electrodes showed the highest results, followed by graphite and zinc electrodes. Salt content does not affect the yield but affects the length of absorption of ions and the electricity produced. The circuit arrangement used is a series circuit.