Pengukuran Kuat Hempasan Ombak Dan Kecepatan Angin Laut Berbasis Mikrokontroller Arduino Uno

  • Marzuarman Marzuarman
  • Stephan Stephan
  • M Nurfaizi
  • Nur Afipah
Keywords: Sea Wave, Arduino Uno, Load Cell Sensors, Wind Speed Sensors


The sea is a large body of salt water that is surrounded in whole or in part by land. In oceanography that examines various physical conditions of the sea, one of which is sea waves. In everyday life sea waves affect the activities of marine vessels and fishing vessels to sail. In this research, a device that is capable of monitoring the strength of ocean waves is made. The tool is designed using load cell sensors, wind speed sensors, Arduino Uno and Xbee-pro modules. From the tests carried out, the highest value of the wave's strong blow is 9.31 N/m2 and the wind speed is 3.62 m/s, while the lowest wave's blow value is 1.78 with wind speed of 0.76 m / s. so that this tool is expected to be able to monitor the condition of waves and sea waves so that the community and fishermen can be used as information media.