Perizinan Alat Tangkap dan Kapal Perikanan di Rokan Hilir Provinsi Riau

  • Ronald Mangasi Hutauruk
  • Pareng Rengi
  • Arthur Brown
  • Bustari Bustari
  • Isnaniah Isnaniah
Keywords: Fishing gears, Rokan Hilir, Gillnet, Trap


This research reviewed licensing data of fishing vessel/fishing gear in Regency of Rokan Hilir by using data in 2015 from . There are 4 sub districts studied in this review namely sub district of Sinaboi, Kubu, Panipahan and Bangko. Besides, this also lists the dimension of ship, type of fishing gear, types of its machinery and summarize the data into a pie charts to conclude the main problems in the area. In general, gillnet is the most fishing gear in all each region except Kubu respectively 45%, 72%, 53%and The fisherman in this area mostly use trap (bubu tian) as their fishing gear other that bangliau with the percentage 96% compared to 4%.