Desain Kapal Pembersih Sampah di Perairan Bengkalis

  • Khaikal Khaikal
  • Romadhoni Romadhoni
Keywords: Trash skimmer ship, Lines plan, General arrangement, Vessel detention, Miniature of ship.


The trush skimmer ship is a ship that operates to clean garbage in the sea. This ship is designed using a wire mesh conveyor loading and unloading system. The principal dimensions of this ship is obtained by the linear regression method, then modeling the design of ship so that the principal dimensions L = 11.454, B = 3.5 m, H = 1.1 m, T = 0.7 m. Based analysis of total resistance calculation with a speed of 12 Knots with the van oortmersen method obtained a total resistance of the ship of 17.3 kN. The final process is making a miniature with a scale of 1: 22 using plywood and PVC materials